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english abstract - TIP - diploma thesis

Entwurf und Entwicklung einer erweiterbaren Softwarearchitektur
zur Verbreitung kontextsensitiver Informationen

   (design and implementation of a modular software system
   to distribute contextsensitive information)

This diploma thesis describes the process of developing an open and well structured modular software architecture to distribute context-sensitive information in the area of location-based services.

The software's name is TIP-- tourist information provider. TIP works in the area of location-based services. A user-- identified by her/his current position and a defined profile of interests-- contacts the system with a mobile device, which needs to have network communication abilities and certain ressources for displaying graphical information and navigating through it.

The programming language Java is used to implement a client-server-based system, working in a browser to reach as many different types of mobile devices as possible. The approach of creating an additional peer-to-peer-based application has been abandoned mainly due to Java's mobile edition's (J2ME) poor functional range in the context of complex distributed applications. Instead open standards and open-source frameworks like HTML, CSS and Struts are used to provide a modular client-server implementation, thus leveraging the application's abilities to easily cooperate and integrate with future hardware and software extensions. The main target has been the implementation of an open, well-documented and well-structured solution. TIP consists of a powerful database and application server to deliver information to its clients. This makes TIP a cluster-capable application.

The work's result needs further testing and evaluation under real circumstances, but features a complete multi-layered architecture.

Key words:
Apache Jakarta Tomcat, client-server, distributed information system, Eclipse, HTML, J2ME, Java, JSP, location-based service, P2P, PostgreSQL, Struts

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